Everything You Need to Know About Invitation Suites

Frequently Asked Question: What is an "invitation suite"?

So, you're new to invitations and wondering what these "suites" are that all the websites keep talking about. Don't fret--we're here to break it down for ya.

When you think of an invitation, you probably think of a 5" x 7" piece of card stock with a beautiful design on it inviting you to a celebration for, let's say, Beyoncé baby shower. Right? On this invitations you'll learn details such as the time and place of the shower, who is hosting, to whom you should RSVP, and where to find Beyoncé and Jay Z's baby registry. And this invitation came in its own matching envelope that was lovingly addressed to you! Now, this is an invitation... but not an invitation suite.

An invitation suite is when you start adding multiple coordinated pieces to be included with the invitation. This is most common with wedding invitations. A wedding invitation suite, at the most basic level, will include the invitation card, an RSVP card, an envelope for the RSVP card (with a return address and stamp pre-applied), and the mailing envelope inside which all the piece are delivered to you. But that's only the beginning!

At Becky J. Invitations we offer three levels of suite customization that accommodate your budget and vision from the basics (Classic), to adding a little something extra (Posh), to taking out all the stops to wow your guests (Luxe). Check out the detailed descriptions of each type of suite below. Please don't hesitate to CONTACT us with any questions.

Classic Invitation Suite Example from Becky J. Invitations


  • 1 single-layer invitation card + outer envelope

  • 1 RSVP card + envelope

  • 1 Details card (i.e. hotel accommodations, directions)

  • Printed guest and return addresses on envelopes

  • Customizable features include artwork, fonts, and colors of text and paper

Posh Invitation Suite Example from Becky J. Invitations

POSH WEDDING INVITATION SUITE Includes all Classic Suite options plus up to 3 of the following add-ons:

  • Double-layer invitation card

  • Pocket card

  • Custom envelope liner

  • Up to 2 additional enclosure cards

  • Specialty papers (i.e. linen, vellum, doublethick, etc.)

Luxe Invitation Suite Example from Becky J. Invitations

Photo by Steph Dee

LUXE WEDDING INVITATION SUITE Includes all Classic and Posh options plus any of the following:

  • Specialty printing (i.e. foil, letterpress, embossing, thermography)

  • Belly band (i.e paper, twine, etc.)

  • Custom monogram

  • Handmade embellishments (i.e. bows, stamps, etc.)


What invitation suite would Beyoncé order?

Imagine you just received a wedding invitation to Beyoncé and Jay Z's wedding. No doubt you would find an invitation meticulously detailing the names of the bride's and groom's parents and how they request the honor of your presence at the marriage of their enormously famous and powerful children at a lavishly decorated venue on the most important day of the year.

Tucked behind the invitation is a card politely asking you to reply (or as the French say Répondez S'il Vous Plaît, abbreviated R.S.V.P.) with your name and whether you accept or decline the invitation. On occasion there will be additional questions to answer, such as meal preference or your favorite song to dance to...

And last, but not least, is yet another card full of answers to your many questions about the event, like "how do I get there?", "where can I sleep after the party is over?", "do the ceremony and reception take place at the same location?", "what should I wear?", "what else is there to do nearby?" etc. This is the Detail card and it's kinda like handing out the answers to a test. It's acts like an FAQ forum so that you're not answering the same questions 130 times for each individual guest.

Let's continue with this dream Beyoncé invitation and imagine all three cards being tucked away into a pocket card that is folded closed and wrapped with a belly band and sealed with a custom monogram or wax seal. Then that is placed into an inner envelope that is in turn placed into the gutter mailing envelope. And, because Beyoncé spares no expense, each guest name and address is hand calligraphed. Now that is luxe.

I realize that we don't all have Beyoncé budget for invitations. That's why at Becky J. Invitations, we offer a range of wedding invitation suites that suit your budget as well as your vision of your dream invitations. Please don't hesitate to use our CONTACT form to ask any questions or leave a comment below!