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July 13, 2017


Here at Becky J. Invitations, we not only design and produce invitations, we also provide address printing services on envelopes—which means no handwriting-related cramps and injuries for our clients! This is a very popular service due to its convenience and the extra bit of style it adds to the overall look of the invitation. (Plus, no mix-ups with the mailman—"is that a 4 or a 9?")


The best part about this service, for us, is seeing where in the world our clients are sending their custom Becky J. invitations!


Over the years, the list of destinations has grown to international status, so to speak. Our clients' guest lists have spanned the United States and even hopped the pond into Europe. We've had invitations mailed to 4 countries, 36 states, dozens of cities, and quite literally THOUSANDS of guests—a fact that is both humbling and thrilling.


In celebration, we put together a map detailing the most interesting addresses that received a Becky J. Invitation.

 * map not to scale


Guests of interest:

  • President Trump at the White House

  • Mickey & Minnie Mouse at the Magic Kingdom

  • Ellen Degeneres in Los Angeles


Destinations of interest:

  • North Pole, Alaska

  • Bergen, Norway (farthest distance traveled from D.C.!)

  • Various cities across all 3 out of 4 countries in the United Kingdom  (England, Scotland & Wales)


Our 2020 mail delivery goals:

  • Remaining 14 U.S. states

  • All 50 state capitals

  • All 7 continents


Where's the coolest place you've sent mail to? Where will your invitations be sent? Tell us in the comments!

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