7 Delicious Alternatives to Wedding Cake

Stuffing cake in each others' faces is a fun wedding tradition, but who says the dessert involved has to be cake? More and more couples are choosing to swap the usual staple for their favorite treats, and the results are amazing.

Check out our favorite alternative trending wedding desserts that will make you forget all about that three-tiered cake you were eyeing on Pinterest.

1. Donut Towers & Donut Walls

Via @lisaannephoto on Instagram

Via @the.nickersons on Instagram

Donut towers can mimic the look of a cake, and walls are so fun because the sky's the limit in terms of how can decorate them.

2. Cake Pops

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Cake pops can come in your favorite colors or in intricate designs to suit your wedding theme. They can be displayed in a tree like lollipops or in bouquets.

3. Ice Cream

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Whether it's a cute vintage cart, a truck, or an ice cream sundae station, serving ice cream to the guests of your summer wedding will always score you major kudos. (But also, I subscribe to the belief that it is never too cold for ice cream, so make your wedding an ice cream party no matter what season it is!).

4. Macaron Tower

Via @flournbutter

This chic little French dessert is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also can be made in a wide variety of tasty flavors like green tea, cappuccino, or strawberry.

5. Cupcakes

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Yeah, yeah the cupcake craze was so 2008. But cupcakes are still the perfect cake alternative because 1) They are still cake and 2) The options for how they can be decorated and displays are ENDLESS.

6. Cookies

Via @sweetcheeksbyrenee on Instagram

If you're not a basic chocolate chip kind of couple, look into getting your cookies custom-made and decorated.