How to Host a Tropical Summer Baby Shower

Summer has officially arrived! If you're expecting soon and would love to host a summer baby shower, we've got you covered.

Yep, we don't just do wedding invitations. We had the opportunity to create tropical baby shower invites for a client, which you can personalize for your own shower by contacting us here. Then, let the party planning begin!

A baby shower invitation with flamingos and tropical leaves on it.

Here's your guide to hosting a flamingo-filled fete that will turn your backyard into a tropical paradise:


Main Dish: Acai Bowls

An acai bowl with bananas, berries, coconut, granola, and a flower.

Photo by @londonsuppergirl on Instagram

You can bring this trendy smoothie shop staple home with Sambazon superfruit packs. Just follow this recipe and top the bowls with your favorite fruits and granola.


A trail mix with bananas, coconut, and nuts.

Photo by @definefettle on Instagram

Set out a bowl of banana chips for your guests to munch on or combine them with more dried fruits and nuts for a tropical trail mix.

For a sweet, festive snack, serve these pineapple gummy bears, which are guaranteed to be the best gummy bears you'll ever eat. They taste just like fresh pinapple.


A pina colada in a pineapple held before the ocean.

Photo by @themaevisss on Instagram

What's a tropical party without pina coladas? Serve the drinks in plastic coconut-shaped cups or hollowed out pineapples.

Keep the party sea turtle friendly with paper straws and don't forget the drink umbrellas!


A three tier cake with flowers and a flamingo on it.

Cake by @_leslie_vigil on Instagram

Cakepops in the shape of pineapples.

Cake pops by @cakepopbox on Instagram

Sorbet in bowls made of fruit.

Island Sorbet Bowls from Costco (via Pinterest)

Treat your guests to festive pastries or refreshing sorbet served in tropical fruit shells.


For the table, think monsterra leaves, flamingos, and pineapples.

A paper plate shaped like a leaf.

Plates via Bonjour Fete

A paper napkin with flamingos on it.

Napkins via Oh Happy Day

A wooden fork, spoon, and knife.

Wooden utensils via Shop Sweet Lulu


Flamingo string lights.

Photo by @babydekoracija on Instagram

Paper honeycomb pineapples.

Via Bird's Party Blog

An inflatable pool with tropical leaves on it.

Photo by @elgrownup on Instagram

A MinniDip designer inflatable pool can be a place for guests to dip their feet or it can also make a perfect cooler when filled with ice and bottled and canned drinks (and you can save it for when the baby is older!).


Guess the Baby Food

Give guests (unlabeled) tropical baby food in flavors like Mango, Hawaiian Delight, etc. to try and have them guess the flavors.

Birthing Babies

Fill a pineapple ice cube tray with water and plastic babies. The first guest whose baby is "born" (melted) in their drink wins.

A pineapple shaped ice cube tray.

The Prizes & Favors

A woman holds up a round tiny bottle of vodka on a beach.

Via @oceanvodka on Instagram

Alcohol has never been cuter. These tiny O