How To: Announce Your Elopement

So you're getting married...just without the rehearsal dinner, bridesmaids, reception and awkward task of telling your parents that no, they can't invite everyone they've ever met. A marriage ceremony without the traditional wedding is still worth celebrating, and we can help!

Although we offer invitations, we know that not everyone is going to have an actual wedding. If you choose to elope but still want to let your loved ones know in a special way, we can help you design a custom elopement announcement.

But what do you even say on such an announcement? Here are a few phrasing ideas to get you started:

Short & Sweet

A simple "We got married" or straightforward "We eloped" with the date gets the point across. You can also include photos if you took any.


We tied the knot...

We got hitched...

The Miss is now a Mrs...

There's been a name change...

Meet the (last name)'s...

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. /Mr. and Mr./ Mrs. and Mrs./...

Fun & Personalized

Get creative with your phrasing and incorporate your personalities:

We upgraded...

We leveled up...(for all the gamers)

We're official now...

We did a thing...

Oh, BTW we...

Went to (destination) with a fiancé/fiancée, came back with a husband/wife...

Pop the champagne, I changed my last name!

He/she stole my heart so I stole his/her last name...

Our adventure has begun...


-Thank everyone for being in your life.

- Include the location of elopement, especially if you went to Vegas or another fun destination.

-Mention your honeymoon ("We're off to...")

To order your own custom elopement announcements, contact us here!

Did you elope? Tell us how you announced it!

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