How To: Decide Who to Invite to Your Wedding

So your wedding day is coming up and it's time to draft up the guest list. Who will get an invite and who will bitterly remind you for the next 5 years that they did not get to witness your union?

Tyra Banks on America's Next Top Model holding the photos of the models who have made it to the next round.

If you're short on money and long on acquaintances and family, here's a guide to help you decide who to invite.

First things first: Let's weed out the people you should not invite.


Exes. Just don't do it. It's just weird. And no, it won't be fine because they're "totally over you." Who could ever get over you?

Racist/sexist/all-around unpleasant relatives. Just because you're related doesn't mean you're obligated to invite anyone who makes you or anyone else feel uncomfortable.


Your mom's entire Bunco group

Your dad's high school buds he only sees once a year

Unless they are a close family friend, you really don't need to invite people with no direct connection to you. Your wedding is ultimately about your relationship with your spouse and celebrating that with the ones you love. Do you really want people there that you don't even know?

Here's a checklist to help you decide whether or not you should include someone. It will help you whittle down your list so that only those who matter most have a gorgeous invitation (designed by us, of course) bestowed upon them. Because if you really don't care one way or the other whether someone attends, why spend the money? Oh, I know. It's for the gifts, duh. Ok, but be realistic. Do you you really need someone to buy you a blender? You know what my parents got for their wedding? Yeah, I don't either. Because they never use any of it!

An infographic checklist to help you decide who to invite to your weddings.

Following this checklist should leave you with a guest list full of people who are significant in your life, so that your big day will be spent in the best of company. And if you end up with a short list, remember quality over quantity applies to friends and family, too. Don't feel discouraged when you witness weddings with enough guests to fill a football stadium- it doesn't mean the couple is necessarily acquainted with that many people. (It just means they clearly didn't follow our checklist).

Once you know how many people made the cut, hit us up to start getting your invitations designed!

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