Must-Have Details on Your Wedding Invitations

Besides the time, date, location and your wedding website info, there are several little details you need to include on your wedding invitations that you may not have thought about. If you're ordering your custom invitations from us, we'll be sure to review your details and make sure you aren't missing anything. However, before you order, you should have a list of details prepared so that we know how much information we are working with. Here are some of the typical details you should consider including on your invitations:

1. Full Meal or Just Hors d'ouevres?

Two people holding three trays of kebabs and cheese.

Don't let your guests arrive to the reception starving only to feed them shrimp and those teeny tiny quiche things. They need to know if they should eat something beforehand if you aren't serving a full meal. And likewise, it's important that they know if it is, in fact, a five course dinner kind of deal, so that they can be sure to come extra hungry.

2. The Dress Code

Several sketches of couples in formal wear.

If you don't want everyone showing up dressed in varying degrees of fancy-ish, give your guests some guidelines with a dress code. If you don't know how to word it, check out our guide.

3. Special Parking Instructions

A Volkswagon Beetle parked by the curb outside a house.

If the only parking for the venue is a few blocks away and everyone is going to be in heels, let them know ahead of time so they aren't lost when they get there or unpleasantly surprised when they have to walk.

4. No Kids Policy (if you have one)

A family with two kids walking on the beach.

Whether it's on the invitation or your wedding website, if you don't want kids at the wedding, you should let everyone know, rather than reach out to couples with kids personally. Not sure what to say? Check out The Knot's guide.

5. Off-Limits Areas at the Venue

A courtyard filled with plants and chairs.

Some wedding venues don't allow you to utilize the entire space, so to avoid getting into trouble, make sure your guests know ahead of time where they can and cannot go. If you rented a super cool historic mansion, you gotta let people know that their kids can't be crawling around in the secret passageways.

6. The Best Address to Send Gifts To

A woman opening a present.

If you're having a destination wedding, you won't want to be hauling a bunch of kitchen appliances back home on the plane, so let your guests know where they should send the gifts. (This one will probably go on your wedding website).

7. Extra Activities

People at a wedding sitting at a table raising a toast.

I went to a wedding recently and in the middle of the day, they were like "Oh by the way, we're also going to this one place for drinks before the second reception." So the day of, my date and I were going all over town and we were really confused. If you have all of these extra little activities planned, let everyone know in advance, especially if your guests have traveled or are staying in hotels. If only a select few people are invited to the extra events, you can order separate little cards with the details on them.

8. Is There a Shuttle Service from the Hotel to the Venue?

Tourists sitting on a bus looking around.

If there's free transportation from the hotel to the venue, let your guests know and help people save some dough! In some cases, guests might not have to rent a car if they can use the airport and hotel shuttles, so it is really helpful to tell everyone ahead of time.

Including these crucial details will help reduce the number of questions you get from guests and make sure your big day goes as smoothly as possible. If you're not sure if these details should go on your invitations or your wedding website, just ask us!