Princess Eugenie Is Planning a Plastic-Free Wedding and So Can You

Princess Eugenie's wedding is going to be plastic-free, just like her home.

The royal is an ambassador for Project 0, which works to eliminate plastic pollution in the ocean, and she's truly leading by example. But you don't have to be royalty to add some green to your day of something old, new and blue.

Here are some tips on how you can make your wedding plastic-free, just like Princess Eugenie's (and don't worry, they're also hassle-free, because we know you don't need anymore wedding planning stress):

1. Ask Your Caterer or Venue About Dishes & Utensils

A place setting with a charger, a dinner plate, a fork and a spoon, a placecard that says "Bride", a champagne flute with flowers on it, and leafy branches on the table.

Make sure you ask your venue or caterer if they provide non-single-use plastic dishes and utensils. If not, you can rent dishes from local event rental companies, borrow them from friends and family, or buy them at thrift stores. There's no shame in going to the dollar store, either! If it looks nice, and fits your color scheme and your budget, why not?

If you're serving finger foods, you may not even need utensils, so narrow it down to the absolute necessities to save on dinnerware.

2. Rent Your Linens

You can rent quality tablecloths and napkins online or at a local event rental store.

3. Switch or Ditch the Straws

Two pineapple cocktails in pineapple shaped glasses with paper straws

Photo by @aardvarkstraws on Instagram

Everyone's talking about ditching plastic straws. Luckily for you, the fact that it's trending means it's super easy to find alternatives to straws if you need 'em for cocktails or other drinks at your reception.

You can use completely biodegradable wheat straws (don't worry, they're gluten-free), cute retro paper straws (that are customizable!), or you can decide to forgo straws altogether.

4. Be Creative With Favors

There are many options for plastic-free favors: candles in glass jars with cork tops, tiny succulents, seed packets (we can personalize them!), custom coffee bean (paper) bags, cupcakes in jars...the eco-friendly possibilities are endless! Just remember not to wrap them in cellophane or plastic bags.

5. Decorations

Tables at a wedding under hanging paper lanterns and palm trees

While most decorations like signs, lights, and flowers won't have plastic, you'll have to watch out for things like plastic stems on fake flowers, cake toppers, plastic place card holders, candle holders, and wedding card boxes. Luckily, it's easy to get away with buying only plastic-free decorations.

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