Greeting Cards That Celebrate Life's Tiny Wins

Have you ever felt really freaking proud of yourself for meal prepping, paying your bills on time, or figuring out your taxes all by yourself?

Do the tiny lucky little moments like getting a green light at that intersection that always takes an eternity or having just enough toilet paper left on the roll to get by make you really happy?

At Becky J. Invitations, we're used to celebrating the BIG life events--weddings, baby showers, graduations. But sometimes, the small stuff deserves a spotlight too.

Our debut line of greeting cards called "Small Victories" we created with the uber-talented illustrator Carly Pryor celebrates the little things. They're like "adulting awards" you can send via snail mail!

Next week is Thinking of You Week, so there's no better time to share your achievements and happy little wins with a friend or congratulate them on theirs, no matter how small or silly. Order your cards here -- choose from 15 unique designs. Cards come in packs of 5 identical or assorted designs.

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